All our BSAC diver training courses include equipment hire, however qualified divers and instructors from any training agency may hire kit from us.

The following list shows our kit hire rates for each item of kit and combinations for single days rental, weekend and for full week.

Scuba equipment is for hire and can be collected from our Leeds office. Equipment can also be delivered to dive sites in the north of England subject to a small surcharge.

Air Cylinder inc 1st fill£7.50£10.00£15.00
Cylinder and weights package£12.00£18.00£20.00
Regulator, octopus & gauges£10.00£15.00£20.00
Wetsuit or semi-drysuit£12.00£18.00£20.00
Drysuit/Undersuit/Hood/Hose Number£30.00£45.00£55.00
Weight belt & weights£8.00£12.00£15.00
Mask, snorkel & fins£10.00£15.00£10.00
Boots & gloves£12.00£18.00£20.00
Hood or misc hose£3.00£5.00£7.50
Full kit hire package with drysuit£50.00£70.00£100.00